42U Racks

42U Racks are compatible with a variety of servers and rack-mountable networking equipment. it is configured to be compatible with almost all server manufacturers’ equipment. The frame system provides multiple internal surfaces and points for mounting equipment and accessories.


  • Elegance look, profound technical, precise dimension.
  • Range Of Medium Duty Cabinet of durable modular construction
  • SPCC quality cold rolled steel
  • High grade knod and lock


  • Capacity: 18U, 22U, 27U, 32U, 37U, 42U, 47U
  • 800kgs maximum carrying capacity
  • Thickness: Square hole strips 2.0mm, others 1.2mm color: AL 9004, RAL7044
  • Surface finish: Degrease, acid pickling, rust prevention, and Parkerizing, pure water cleaning, static electricity plastic painting